PINK FLOYD : Rehearsals in Toronto,
Pearson Airport

Not a real Cochon Production in itself as we haven't been processing the video ...

Standard : NTSC
Ratio : 4:3
Video : 7.5Mb/Sec (VBR)
Audio disc 01 : (sourced from aiff)
Soundboard channel > LPCM
Friendly mix > 448KHz Dolby Digital
Audio disc 02 : (sourced from ac3) > LPCM

Notes :

This concert footage was shot on three Betacam oxide (professional) tapes. It was shot by a pro crew (likely an MTV crew) but might have been hired by CBS records.

The songs are all incomplete, and if some are only here in a very short part, some are still very enjoyable. There are several reasons for this. Clearly the crew had only one camera and was shooting for the purpose of B-roll editing, that is getting shots edited in between interview footage to produce one or more MTV segments news. The crew would have had no reason to shoot complete songs, much less the entire set. They may have also received clear indication not to record complete songs in order to prevent bootlegging. The last factor was that they only had three 20 minutes tapes which limited their capacities to record more than necessary.

Also, keep in mind that the album had not been released yet, and the tour had not started. The crew didn't know the new songs and had no idea of what would come next, neither in terms of content/interest nor in terms of visual event.

That explains the many lingering dark shots.

Also, don't forget that this is raw, unedited footage.

The source was originally supplied with the camera (audience) sound on one channel and the mixing desk sound on the second channel (except when the cameraman moved closer to the stage, no soundboard audio was available).

We did a smart mix of both sources on one audio track and have kept the soundboard source on another audio track of this DVD.


This DVD offers for the very first time, the second, unreleased, part of the footage, consisting of the unedited interviews with (a very sarcastic) David Gilmour & Nick Mason, Robbie Williams and Morris Lyda. Further footage feature shots of the crew at work and more rehearsals.

All in stunning professional quality !!!

Unlimited thanks go to Mr Bruce who kindly supplied the source.
Authoring by CochonProduction
Audio remastering by MOB@ThisPlaceRecords
Originally torrented by Breathe.

Disc One :

Warm up
Signs of life
Learning to fly
A new machine (part 1)
Terminal frost
A new machine (part 2)
The dogs of war
On the turning away
One of these days
Wish you were here
Welcome to the machine
Us & them
Another brick in the wall (part 2)
Comfortably numb
One slip
Run like hell

Disc Two :

Interview with David Gilmour & Nick Mason
Interview with Robbie Williams
Interview with Morris Lyda
Additional airport & hangar

( note : All interviews on disc two have been chaptered question by question. Bonus airport & hangar footage is extensively chaptered too. )

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