Passage du Nord-Ouest

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Screen Shots

A good audience recording made from a HI8 video camcorder.
Very nice shot as the camera was on a tripod and is very stable.
Nice close shots of all members of the band.
The last concert of the band to date.

We were also provided a DAT audience recording of the concert that we've been able to re-synchronise with the video. Beleive me, the audio Rocks !!

Recording history : from the master HI8 video tape > (PAL) > Betacam SX > (Component > DV) > HDD.
Recording process : Adobe Premiere Pro - PAL 4X3 ; 6MB ; VBR ; 2PASS. Dolby Digital Sound (audio 1 : audience/camera ; Audio 2 : audience/DAT) - Encore DVD.

track list :
  1. Intro : Heartbreak Hôtel
  2. This is Real
  3. Crawl to Me
  4. Digging for Water
  5. Empire Days
  6. Sand and Glue
  7. Trains at Midnight
  8. Calling Home
  9. War Cries
  10. Love Love Love
  11. George's Street
  12. Hold me Tonight
  13. Broadway Maladie
  14. Black & White
  15. Drawning by Numbers
  16. Band Introduction
  17. The Man Who Almost Shaves
  18. Burning the Iceberg
  19. Encore : I Dream In Colour (false start)
  20. I Dream In Colour
  21. Big Room Small View
Bonus : Photo gallery (rehearsals shot in Paris before the gig)