OPPOSITION : Live in Paris,

Audience recording

Recording History : millionth analog TDK D audio tape
Process : no noise.

This is the last Opposition concert with Mark, Marcus and Ralph to date.
We have two different sources for this concert. As the qualities are very different we didn't want to try to match the two sources to make a complete concert. First sources is missing somes tracks at moments, second source stops early. (second source is better than the crappy first source)

Track list :

First Source : (78:51)
  1. Five Minutes
  2. Waiting for the Change
  3. Fool for You
  4. Empire Days
  5. If That Wasn't Love
  6. I Dream In Colour
  7. Occupation road (unreleased)
  8. Abusing Words
  9. Life's Blood
  10. Someone To Talk To
  11. Big Room, Small View (french version)
  12. Who's Been Telling You Lies ?
  13. Encore
  14. Black & White
  15. Small Talk
  16. Encore
  17. Very Little Glory
Second Source : (58:40)
  1. Intro
  2. Five Minutes
  3. Waiting for the Change
  4. Fool for You
  5. Empire Days
  6. If That Wasn't Love
  7. I Dream In Colour
  8. Voice Has Changed
  9. Occupation road (unreleased)
  10. Abusing Words
  11. Life's Blood
  12. Someone To Talk To
  13. Faith Healer
  14. War Games
  15. Aching Arms
  16. Big Room, Small View (intro only)