Espace Julien (festival "Rock en France")

Screen Shots

A very nice audience recording made on an VHS-c video camcorder.
Some very close shots as the cam was on the front row. A bit shaky at moments.

Recording history : from the master VHS-C video tape > (SECAM > PAL) > Betacam SX > (Component > DV) > HDD.
Recording process : Adobe Premiere Pro - PAL 4X3 ; 6MB ; VBR ; 2PASS. LPCM Sound - Encore DVD.

Audience recording with a VHS-C cam-corder

Recording History : sourced from the original video tape (mono)
Recording Process : equalization (bass boost).
Lenght : 35:47

Track Listing :
  1. Breaking the Silence
  2. I Dream In Colour
  3. Crawl To Me
  4. In The Heart
  5. Big Room, Small View
  6. Black & White
  7. Life's Blood
  8. Small Talk (inc. "Pink Panther Theme")
  9. War Games (bouncing session ;-)
Note : "Empire Day" was played as "encore" but wasn't recorded due to battery failure.

Bonus : a 20 minutes special feature from "Canal Marseille (a local TV chanel) on the "Rock en France" tour in Marseille (in french).