Forum des Halles
29.02.1984 & 01.03.1984

Audience recording

Recording History : millionth analog TDK D audio tape
This was another time when the only to get live recording
was to pay 10euros (plus postage fees) for a high speed dub onto a TDK D tape ...
Process : no noise.

Update : A new source has just surfaced with three tracks from the french national radio "France INter" in Bernard Lenoir's radio show. It is said to be from Paris 84 but it doesn't match our sources. We have placed it at the end of disk two as a filler. This is a mono AM broadcast.
Recording history : First gen analog tape of the broadcast.
Process : no noise.

Track list :

CD01 : 29.02.1984 ( Lenght : 69:35 )
  1. War Games
  2. Paddy Fields
  3. Voice Has Changed
  4. Don't Forget to Leave the Light on in the Hall
  5. I Dream In Colour
  6. Promises
  7. Small Talk
  8. Life's Blood
  9. Waiting for the Change (unreleased)
  10. In The Heart
  11. Breaking the Silence
  12. Black & White
  13. Aching Arms
  14. Very Little Glory
  15. A Day in the Future
The sound on this one is crap

CD02 : 01.03.1984 ( Lenght : 47:30 )
  1. Waiting for the Change
  2. Life's Blood
  3. Small Talk
  4. In The Heart
  5. Breaking The Silence
  6. Black & White
  7. Big Room, Small View
  8. I Already Know
  9. Aching Arms
  10. Very Little Glory

    Bernard Lenoir ; France Inter
  11. Small Talk
  12. In The Heart
  13. Breaking the Silence
This one is from a soundboard tape broadcast on an unknown Amateur Radio show.
There are occasionnal radio jingles inbetween songs. But the second part (from the middle of Breaking the Silence") is in stereo. A very nice recording.