OPPOSITION : Live in Montpellier,
Bar "Le rockstore"

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Screen Shots

A very steady shot as a tripod was used. Unfortunately the band played in front of a window and the picture is back lighted almost all the along the concert.

The band played semi accoustic versions of the songs which give an unusual sound to the tracks.

Recording history : from the master video8 video tape > (PAL) > Betacam SX > (Component > DV) > HDD. Recording process : Adobe Premiere Pro - PAL 4X3 ; 6MB ; VBR ; 2PASS. LPCM Sound - Encore DVD track list :
  1. Black & White
  2. War Cries
  3. This is Real
  4. Crawl to Me
  5. Digging for Water
  6. Love Love Love
  7. Calling Home
  8. George's Street
  9. Hold me Tonight
  10. Trains at Midnight
  11. Burning the Iceberg

Bonus : 24 minutes Interview with Marcus Bell (in french). (He was interviewed for a local newspaper).