BBC Sessions
1983 > 1985

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I've been dreaming about such a recording for years.
I've browsed the internet many times in order to find a live recording for this band.
And one day ...
The first recording (1983) was unbalanced and had a lot of hiss on the lower chanel.
This was not fully corrected in order to do the best compromise between hiss and balance.
The second recording is just pleasure, pure pleasure ;-)))

Recording history : master clone of the original FM radio recording.
(FM radio > analog cassette > DAT 48Khz > CDr)
Recording process : some noise reduction and chanel balance.

Track list :

1st session (aired 10.12.1983) (lenght : 28:25)
  1. Voice has Changed
  2. I Already Know
  3. Life's Blood
  4. Black & White
  5. Big Room, Small View
  6. Very Little Glory
2nd session (aired 22.04.1985) (lenght : 30:42)
  1. Abusing Words
  2. Fool For You
  3. Mr Cleanum
  4. I That Wasn't Love
  5. I Dream in Colour
  6. Empire Days
  7. Someone To Talk To
  8. Five Minutes (incomplete)