Music Festival
August 8 ; 1970

Screen shots

Live in Saint Tropez (France) ; Festival de Musique ; August 8th 1970

standard : PAL
ratio : 4:3
video : 6mb / vbr 2 / pass (Adobe premiere pro 1.5 DVD encoder)
audio : (mono) Linear PCM 48kHz
length: 53 minutes

DVD authoring with Adobe Encore 1.5.1

Use "rigth" ; "left" arrows of your remote controls to go from one button to another in the main menu.

Set list is as follows :

Atom Heart Mother
The Embryo
Green is the Colour / Careful with that Axe, Eugene
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
plus Cymbaline (soundcheck)

In his book "In the Flesh", Ian Russell lists :

Astronomy Domine
Atom Heart Mother
The Embryo
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

Since "Cymbaline" was rehearsed, it may as well have been played. It was, with "Astronomy Domine", a regular of the Floyd's live repertoire in 1970.

You may notice at moments that the audio is out of synch.
This is not due to a bad digital transfer or an error in the editing, it seems that when the show was recorded not all the cameras (if any) were recording the audio. Considering how hard film editing can be, some synchro troubles appeared on the original.

The show is shot with three cameras : two cameras on stage (mobile) and one on the left side of stage in the audience (on a tripod). This last one was obviously in synch as you can check on most close up views when either David or Roger is singing / talking.

Most views of Nick are out of synch (slighlty at 06.30 in "Atom Heart Mother" or badly at 16.53 in "The Embryo").

But you can see Roger announcing "This is called the Embryo" in synch and David is singing in synch just after, at 17.19 in "The Embryo", as well as in Cymbaline at 28.25.

As far as it can be checked, Roger is also in synch at the very end of "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun", at 48.30.

An audio tape of this broadcast had been floating for ages, and we also had a "Cymbaline" soundcheck which doesn't appear on this video. As we wanted to include it, we managed a humble slideshow that we hope you'll enjoy. Most pictures of the slideshow are taken from the French book "Le Livre du Pink Floyd" and the pictures are said to be from "Lenoir". They were shot on September 12th 1970, Paris, Fête de l'Humanité (backstage and stage shots). The daytime "no shirt" pictures are from a French unidentified magazine and are from the Biot music festival (France), August 5th 1970. From that festival there is also the colour picture of Nick Mason (source Rock'n'Folk magazine). The two stage shots (tea break and sawing) are from Paris, théâtre des Champ-Elysées, January 23rd 1970. Other pictures are from Ian Russel's excellent book "In the Flesh" (page 82 ; Berlin, March 13th 1970) and, last but not least, the other pictures are from the original "The Dark Side of the Moon" song book (unidentified). The "breakfast" shot is unidentified too, even if one can imagine it was shot during the "Obscured by Clouds" recording sessions in Hérouville in 1972.

As far as we know "Astronomy Domine" and "Cymbaline" are not available.

At the start of the "Cymbaline" soundcheck you can hear David saying :

(first part of the sentence is not understandable) "Il n'est pas ici" then "Alors c'est pas la peine de me filmer quand je joue la batterie parce que le batteur n'est pas là"

which means :

"He isn't there" and "So, no need to film me while I'm playing drums because the drummer is not here".

Cochon Production.
March 2006